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Setting Up Sites on EC2 with RightScale

The key to a successful site setup on Amazon EC2 are scalability and redundancy. RightScale makes this easy by providing ServerTemplates and multi-server deployments. To get started, let's take the simplest case: a single-server setup. We have a free Rails all-in-one ServerTemplate that is excellent not just to play around with, but also to use as development server, staging server, or even as...Read more

The 10-Minute EC2 Server

The new Rails All-In-One ServerTemplate we just made public makes it really easy to get your own Rails application running on Amazon EC2 . And it's all free to boot! The ServerTemplate is a collection of RightScripts that install Apache, mod_balancer, Mongrel, and MySQL, and a backup cron script all on one EC2 instance. All you need to do is to specify where your code is located and launch the...Read more

Setting Up MySQL with the RightScale MySQL Manager

Setting up a redundant MySQL master/slave database using RightScale has become easy using our recently introduced Manager for MySQL . Let's start by setting up the master. For this we define a "MySQL master" ServerTemplate. A ServerTemplate is pretty much what the name implies: a template for a fully configured server that can be launched with one click of a button. Each ServerTemplate is based...Read more

Surviving a MySQL Master Database Crash

Nothing is more heart-arresting than to find out that your database machine has died. Site down. Data gone. Life s... That's what happened to one of our customers yesterday morning, right when they were featured on some prominent sites. The Amazon EC2 instance hosting their master DB died. Fortunately they had tested the master-slave setup using our Manager for MySQL , so everything was set up to...Read more

Redundant MySQL Setup for Amazon EC2

In order to deploy websites and services onto Amazon EC2 everyone needs the same components, so we're building them. One of the most requested and most critical pieces is a good database setup, and MySQL is clearly the highest in demand. Not that a good PostgreSQL or Oracle setup wouldn't be of interest or wouldn't be equally possible, just that more people are asking us (and paying us) for MySQL...Read more

Recompiling Kernel Modules for EC2 Instances

Some time ago, I discovered that the version of the kernel that Amazon uses for its current infrastructure (linux 2.6.16) contains a bug in the lvm modules. This was a bummer to see since we are using LVM snapshotting facilities to realize sub-second database backups. The bug was only triggered under specific load conditions, but when we’re talking database backups nobody likes getting kernel...Read more

Configuring Servers with RightScripts

With EC2 the way one configures a server is by creating a machine image (AMI). But there has to be a better way! The first time I created an AMI almost a year ago it was a lot of fun. Hitting "launch" and seeing a new instance pop up was really cool. But a few weeks later reality started to set in, as I was coming up with little tweaks almost on a daily basis - anything from changing an SSHD...Read more


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