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How to Empower DevOps to Manage Cloud Infrastructure and Costs

How to Empower DevOps to Manage Cloud Infrastructure and Costs

With IT organizations adopting DevOps processes and practices to speed up application delivery, shorten release cycles, and improve quality, developers are looking for efficient ways to operationalize the management of their cloud infrastructure and control costs.

RightScale Cloud Management enables DevOps (as well as IT managers and sysadmins) to deploy, manage, and govern applications in the cloud with a single pane of glass for both cloud and virtualized infrastructure. RightScale Cloud Analytics gives you visibility into your cloud usage and costs. By using the two solutions together, you can gain insight on your cloud usage and spend, identify opportunities to reduce cloud costs, and then take action on your insights.

Adding the Cloud Analytics widget to your Cloud Management dashboard gives you a quick view of your cloud usage each time you log into Cloud Management and enables you to easily navigate between the two:

DevOps Cloud Management

To add the Cloud Analytics widget to your dashboard view, log in to Cloud Management (if you don’t have an account, sign up for a free trial), select the Design menu, and click Widgets. Next click the "plus" button for the RightScale Cloud Analytics widget and click Save. You’ll see the Cloud Analytics in your Cloud Management dashboard:

DevOps Cost Management

You can choose to expand the Cloud Analytics widget or open it in a new tab.

By using Cloud Management and Cloud Analytics together to get full visibility into your cloud usage and costs, you can transform your IT shop from a cost center to a driver for strategic business investment. To bring simplicity to your cloud operations and get a comprehensive look into your entire organization’s cloud usage, sign up for a free trial of Cloud Management and Cloud Analytics.