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How to Manage Cloud Costs and Optimize Resource Usage

Last year RightScale announced the acquisition of PlanForCloud , a cloud cost forecasting tool that enables you to model your cloud infrastructure, run it through a simulation, and get a three-year cost report showing what your deployment will cost. We know how hard it can be to figure out cloud costs and optimize your usage, so we made it easier with our free cloud cost forecasting tool . We’ve...Read more

How Much Does Your Cloud Cost?

Posted by Darryl Eaton   Ι   August 15, 2012 0 comments
One of the earliest features we added to RightScale was cloud cost tracking and monthly projections. Instance usage reporting quickly became one of the most appreciated features by our customers (and their finance departments). Over time we've added more cost-tracking capabilities for volumes and reserved instances. I still find it odd, although I'm not entirely surprised given their revenue...Read more

Forecast Cloud Costs with PlanForCloud

Posted by Kim Weins   Ι   July 18, 2012 4 comments
Today we announced that RightScale acquired Scotland-based ShopForCloud, a free cloud cost forecasting website, and renamed it PlanForCloud . The website makes it easy to budget for your future cloud costs by giving you a set of tools to model your deployments and your usage patterns and automatically calculate costs across a variety of clouds. PlanForCloud currently includes support for Amazon...Read more