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Amazon's Communication is Improving

One of the most often heard complaints about Amazon Web Services is the lack of communication about service status and issues. The community has been pretty vocal about this and the company is committed to improving. So it was nice to see the following response to a minor incident the other day posted on the forum:

Following up with more information about this morning's event. At 1:31am PST, a network engineer made a change to a pair of redundant aggregation routers fronting a portion of EC2. This change caused both to no longer route traffic to a subset of EC2 instances. The change should have been non-intrusive. We are taking steps to prevent this type of failure in the future. The failure affected a portion of EC2 instance connectivity for 2 hours and 5 minutes. In response to the question about RSS feeds, we are planning to provide this functionality in the future.
The Amazon Web Services Team

Thanks for posting this. We all know that this stuff happens and we all want to use a provider who is committed to getting to root causes of incidents and eradicating them as much as possible.

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