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Cloud Management Best Practices

Cloud Management Best Practices

Cloud Storage: AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

April 18, 2016,
Posted By: Brian Adler
Because the features and services offered by each cloud provider are constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up. In this article we cover cloud storage with an in-depth look at object and block storage options from the leading public cloud providers.

How to Compare AWS vs Azure vs Google vs SoftLayer

March 30, 2016,
Posted By: Ryan O'Leary
If you’re taking a strategic approach to your cloud strategy, it's not as simple as choosing Cloud A and putting every workload in Cloud A. Instead, you need to consider the requirements for each application or workload and select the cloud that is the best fit. To make it easier, we’ve broken down the key differences among public cloud vendors as they pertain to storage, container services, and pricing.

Hard Lessons: 4 Reasons to Use SaaS for Cloud Management

April 29, 2015,
Posted By: Rishi Vaish
Here at RightScale, we are a pure SaaS company (there is no on-premises delivery model for our Cloud Management product). In comparing a product suite offered as both SaaS and as an on-premises solution vs. the pure SaaS model, I’d like to share some observations on why I believe that SaaS is the best delivery model for cloud management.

RightLink 10: An Easier Way to Manage All Your Cloud Servers

March 25, 2015,
Posted By: Thorsten von Eicken
Lines of business and teams across enterprises are running applications in public and private clouds to achieve faster time to market, and central IT must often manage existing cloud-based workloads without disrupting running applications. RightScale addressed this need by creating a new and improved agent for managing existing cloud servers: RightLink 10.