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Bob, Acknowledged. We have made changes to our CentOS mirroring structure and are updating our images to correspond to the updates. We updated the RightScale mirrors to always mirror the latest CentOS version as /5. From this point forward, we will no longer track minor versions of CentOS, only majors. To ensure no legacy images break, we will continue to mirror the minor versions we already host. Since the /5 tracks the latest maj.min version, and we will be maintaining daily snaps of that, thus if a customer selects a frozen date they will in effect be selecting the maj.min version that was for that day. So, depending on what you (the customer) want to accomplish, you have the following options: 1. Have a frozen repo: You can set your repo path (using say and operational RightScript) to .../5/.../20111013 or later, This will in effect give you the 5.7 snapshot for that day. Note that the frozen repo path in the /5 started on 10/13, so you will need to use a frozen /5 after that date. 2. Have a "current" repo: You can set your repo to .../5/.../latest, which will give you the latest CentOS mirror. If you keep the repo as the "latest" then you get the updates. We are currently working on making the images aware of the structure, but with a RightScript and the new repo structure, you should be able to accomplish updates in a reasonable manner and not have to point to external mirrors. Phil
Posted by Phil Cox   Ι   October 18, 2011   Ι   05:39 AM