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Dave, If you want to be a bit adventurous, there are a couple ways you can get it now :) Option 1: Get RightLink 5.8 - Fetch the RightLink git repository and follow the README.doc to install RightLink by hand Option 2: "bleeding edge" - Point your instances at Tony Spataro's personal tarball and boot in "tarball mode" (no guarantees that the tarball stays stable, but it works now) - To do "tarball mode" - choose a MultiCloudImage that uses a recent vintage of RightLink (e.g. 5.7). Ubuntu is strongly preferred - Tag your server with "rs_agent_dev:package=tony" - Launch the server If you're playing with it, try doing some sftp and scp commands and look at the audit history. you will be pleasantly surprised.
Posted by Phil Cox   Ι   January 24, 2012   Ι   10:11 AM