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Hristofor, here's the bits that make up my private cloud. 1) 1/ea - Supermicro Super Server cse-822t-550l 6-Bay rack mount (NFS/NAS Server) 2) 3/ea - SuperMicro 6015B Server Dual (2x) Intel Quad Core Xeon 1.86Ghz, 16GB, 160Gb (Hypervisors) 3) 1/ea - Linksys WRT54GS Router. Basically, it's one 2U rackmount box with a SATA backplane for file storage, and three 1U boxes for hypervisors. If I were to do it again *right now* using stuff on ebay, I'd pick these.. File Server - http://bit.ly/I271Zq Hypervisors - http://bit.ly/I27fj8
Posted by Ryan Geyer   Ι   April 21, 2012   Ι   04:41 PM