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Hi Damian, I think Joe hit the nail on the head -- if vendor lock-in to RightScale is a concern, then just use the RS tools that you could find or develop elsewhere. Everything that RS provides could be done in other environments and in other ways -- we have just done all the hard work and heavy-lifting so you don't have to :) Some of our customers use just the RightScale API or just the monitoring and alerting system, while others are "all-in" and use the full gamut of the RightScale platform. Autoscaling is indeed a very popular and common feature that customers rely on RightScale for, but as Joe mentions, other companies provide autoscaling tools as well as some of the IaaS providers themselves, so there are other options. Granted, I am a bit biased and I think our offerings are the easiest to use and the most encompassing, but other options do exist.
Posted by Brian Adler   Ι   January 08, 2013   Ι   09:36 AM