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Hello, I recently followed this tutorial and it helped to get me started on EC2 and rightscale but I have been hitting a wall for the last week and it's driving me crazy. So i thought I would write to you and see if you could give me a hand. I am able to run my instance for my app but there are certain thing I require to setup in order for my app to run ok, The problem is that I dont have much experience with scripts and I have been trying to create two script to completely automate my apps deployment into a single EC2 instance. 1. I have been trying to automate my db configuration like this without any success: #!/bin/bash -e mysqladmin -u root password abuven && mysql --user='root' --password='abuven' && grant all on *.* to 'root'@localhost identified by 'abuven'; CREATE USER 'shastic'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'rgzjGaiOH2'; grant all on *.* to 'shastic'@localhost; exit 2. I have been trying to have ImageMagick and Rmagick installed automatically also like this: #!/bin/env yum install ImageMagick && yum install ImageMagick-devel && gem install rmagick –v 1.15.14 ––no–rdoc ––no–ri For some reason both scripts always break while booting the instance. Could anybody confirm the syntax i'm using is correct? I greatly appreciate it.
Posted by Joseariel (not verified)   Ι   May 13, 2008   Ι   07:28 AM