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"From the outside this may seem straightforward, but in reality the degree of engineering that is necessary to support this type of technical feature is quite staggering. Even if you had servers in multiple co-location facilities it is not easy to make the colos independent of one another. If they are close-by physically they may well share regional internet routes." You're right, rerouting individual IPs at the carrier/transit level to different geographic locations would be an amazing feat. Too bad Amazon's not doing that. You can only remap IPs to zones within a single region... "Elastic IPs are only remappable to instances in the same region. Currently, Amazon EC2 exposes only a single region, so your Elastic IPs can be mapped to any of your availability zones." -Brent@AWS http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/thread.jspa?messageID=84376 The limitation implies that there is some kind of regional routing core infrastructure that could take down all your zones in that region if it suffered an outage. I expect all their really doing when you remap an IP is updating NAT tables somewhere. Useful? Yes. Staggering network engineering? No.
Posted by CBass (not verified)   Ι   March 28, 2008   Ι   11:16 AM