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I really liked the overview and the details explained in this blog. Since my experience is mostly with Hardware/Dedicated Application Delivery controllers I have some questions in my mind that pops out with cloud services 1. what kind of Application delivery controllers(ADC) do you think best suits cloud environment? Dedicated or VM based? 2. If VM based aren't their challenges in designing/deploying ADC's as network needs to designed/engineered to redirect the traffic through ADC's. 3. Does VM based ADC's provide the level of offloading and application delivery capabilities without consuming CPU/Memory resources which traditional ADC's can offer as they are more customized and have dedicated components to offload certain server tasks like SSL termination, Compression. 4. How does the VM based ADC's provide scalability on-demand? Can provide insight into how Load balancers/ADC are deployed in cloud and what are some of the key requirements and challenges with respect to this important part of any Data center.
Posted by vinay (not verified)   Ι   June 22, 2009   Ι   08:44 PM