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Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Enterprise Cloud Strategies

How Telcos and Other MSPs Are Succeeding in Cloud

July 18, 2016,
Posted By: Michael Crandell
With the advent and strong adoption of public cloud services, the initial strategy of many telcos and larger MSPs was to build their own public or private clouds. However, as hyperscale clouds have continued to expand their service capabilities, service providers are now shifting their strategies. As their customers are quickly adopting public cloud from the hyperscale providers, forward-thinking MSPs are looking at new ways to add value.

Pivoting to Cloud: Why an MSP Chose RightScale

August 25, 2015,
Posted By: Bret Clement
When managed services provider Offis decided to expand its offerings to include cloud infrastructure, the company chose a multi-cloud strategy. With this approach, Offis could avoid lock-in to a single cloud provider and offer its customers — including companies as diverse as VW and Westfield — the same level of expertise and service no matter if the company was hosting in its own data center or in the cloud.

ITSM Meets Cloud Management: RightScale and ServiceNow

March 05, 2015,
Posted By: Michael Crandell
Enterprises like Technicolor are combining RightScale’s multi-cloud management platform with ServiceNow’s IT service management (ITSM) platform to transform how they deliver IT to more quickly release products and services ahead of their competition.

DevOps and Cloud: How to Make Business Love IT

September 24, 2014,
Posted By: Rishi Vaish
Can DevOps, a process for fostering a faster and more collaborative software development actually improve an enterprise’s profitability and market capitalization? Now that cloud-first strategies are driving customer acquisition for many large enterprises, it’s clear that IT has a greater responsibility and larger role to play as a strategic partner to the business. But how?