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Get More Out of Your Cloud with RightScale and Citrix CloudStack 3

Get More Out of Your Cloud with RightScale and Citrix CloudStack 3

RightScale has been integrated with CloudStack since 2010 and we jointly run many of the world’s largest production cloud deployments. Last year's acquisition of Cloud.com by Citrix marked a new beginning for a relationship that, coupled with the RightScale multicloud management platform, would provide unprecedented value to our end customers. We are pleased to see this morning's release of CloudStack 3, which brings an integrated offering towards that vision.

RightScale cloud management provides a ‘single pane of glass’ to private and public cloud resource pools where administrators can provision and launch servers in a matter of minutes. In June of 2011, we launched our hybrid cloud product called RightScale myCloud to further deepen our integration with CloudStack’s private cloud infrastructure solution. With today’s announcement, myCloud will incorporate the CloudStack 3 enhancements and make the process of implementing and building a private cloud easier while offering more choice.

Let's examine a few key features of the CloudStack 3 release and what they mean for RightScale customers using Citrix CloudStack technology.


Before, most customers were either using off cloud storage mechanisms in their CloudStack deployments, or using a public cloud storage engine, such as Simple Storage Service from Amazon or Cloud Files from Rackspace. Now, with Swift integration, customers will have the option to use their own storage with RightScale.


We often see our customers require complex and custom networking configurations within their deployments and clouds. Having more flexible networking configurations, specifically the catalog of networking services along with NetScaler integration, when constructing their deployments will enable additional use cases and capabilities that can be automated with RightScale.

Our integration with private cloud infrastructure partners gives RightScale the ability to focus solely on multicloud management. With RightScale myCloud you can manage multiple private clouds in your data centers and link these with public clouds. You can scale across your clouds and back up or failover among them. You can configure, monitor, and operate all of your cloud resource pools from one Dashboard and API — choosing from global public clouds such as Amazon, Rackspace, SoftLayer and many others.

To find out more, view our webinar with Forrester Research about how to get started managing a private and hybrid cloud. We also offer a free trial of myCloud with CloudStack, to get started you can contact us here or visit us at the Cloud Connect show this week in Santa Clara - we're at booth #604.