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Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Manage VMware vSphere, AWS & Other Clouds from a Single Pane of Glass

April 30, 2014,
Posted By: Utpal Thakrar
Our recent 2014 State of the Cloud Report showed Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading in public cloud adoption and VMware® vSphere® leading in private cloud. (Yes, vSphere is not really a private cloud, but I’ll get to that in a minute). So it’s probably not a surprise that our enterprise customers overwhelmingly tell RightScale that they want a single system to provision, manage, and govern both AWS and vSphere resources.

Introducing RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere

December 10, 2013,
Posted By: Utpal Thakrar
RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere provides a simple, lightweight option for cloudification of vSphere environments. It presents a compute cloud API on top of VMware vSphere and adds several critical cloud capabilities so that a vSphere environment can be managed as if it were an on-premise private cloud.

SunGard Uses AWS for a Cost-Effective, Resilient Cloud Application

October 24, 2013,
Posted By: Lee Schlesinger
A key SunGard customer wanted to move its computing infrastructure and services into the cloud. Learn why SunGard turned to AWS as its public cloud provider and chose RightScale as its cloud management platform.

How to Deliver Self-Service Through an IT Vending Machine

October 21, 2013,
Posted By: Ryan Geyer
What if you could give your end users and business units the tools they need to perform many IT tasks themselves? That's the promise of an IT self-service portal — and RightScale can provide the tools to help you build such an IT vending machine.