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Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Enterprise cloud strategies that focus on saving money and streamlining operations are becoming essential as central IT teams take a stronger role in cloud adoption. Through years of experience providing advice and guidance to our enterprise customers, the RightScale team has deep knowledge on how to define and execute a successful cloud strategy, which we share here on our blog.

How to Deliver Self-Service Through an IT Vending Machine

October 21, 2013,
Posted By: Ryan Geyer
What if you could give your end users and business units the tools they need to perform many IT tasks themselves? That's the promise of an IT self-service portal — and RightScale can provide the tools to help you build such an IT vending machine.

Six Tips for Choosing a Cloud Proof-of-Concept Application

October 17, 2013,
Posted By: Vijay Tolani
Ready to take your first steps out of the data center and into the cloud? Here are six tips to get you started.

Private and Hybrid Clouds: 9 Use Cases and Implementation Advice

October 08, 2013,
Posted By: Utpal Thakrar
Enterprises that want to mix the resources of multiple private and public clouds in hybrid cloud configurations should consider certain key factors as they design their solutions.

Tenthwave Launches a Cloud-Based Facebook App in Two Weeks

October 04, 2013,
Posted By: Lee Schlesinger
The management team at digital agency Tenthwave told its TechOps group, "We need to roll out a new online campaign. We expect a lot of traffic. We don't care what it costs — just get it ready. Oh, and it launches in two weeks." Here's how they met the challenge.