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Enterprise Cloud Strategies

Can Your IT Infrastructure Handle the Holiday Marketing Campaign Rush?

September 17, 2013,
Posted By: Andre Theus
If your organization has a seasonal spike in business around the end of the year, you're likely to find demand for compute resources spiking, too. If your profitability depends on seasonal revenue, you'll need to architect scalable applications with an underlying infrastructure that can adapt to dynamically changing conditions.

Architecting OpenStack for High Availability

August 16, 2013,
Posted By: Utpal Thakrar
Reliability and availability are challenges for any production IT deployment, but when it comes to cloud architecture, high availability (HA) is a key consideration. Enterprises that are deploying OpenStack in real-world production environments often have to learn how to build in HA as they go along. Because RightScale has been helping organizations manage OpenStack clouds since the project's first days, we're in consideration to be chosen to present on best practices and in-the-trenches stories for a session at OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong in November. Here's a preview of my session, and information on how to vote for it.

Happy Third Birthday, OpenStack!

July 19, 2013,
Posted By: Elise Arthurs
Happy birthday OpenStack — you’re three years old today! Like most three-year-olds, you’re a bundle of energy and you’ve accomplished a lot in a short time. Congratulations to the OpenStack Foundation and to everyone who has contributed to the OpenStack project. It’s been exciting to watch the community grow, to see user interest spike, and to help RightScale customers manage their OpenStack private and public clouds.

Achieving Code Compliance in an Agile Environment

July 17, 2013,
Posted By: Phil Cox
Cloud computing, DevOps, and agile methodologies often go hand-in-hand to help developers create applications quickly to meet business demands. As organizations move critical business applications to the cloud, compliance with security policies, regulations, and internal engineering standards becomes more important. How can you maintain the benefits that come with cloud, DevOps, and agile software development yet implement controls around the process to meet audit requirements?