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Thorsten von Eicken
Chief Technology Officer at RightScale
As chief technology officer and a founder of RightScale, Thorsten von Eicken directs the overall technology strategy of the RightScale cloud management solution. Previously, Tho...
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Brian Adler
Principal Cloud Architect at RightScale
Brian Adler is a principal cloud architect at RightScale, bringing years of experience in multi-cloud environments. Brian advises RightScale customers on complex application arc...
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Kim Weins
Vice President of Marketing at RightScale
Kim Weins is the vice president of marketing at RightScale, where she helps build awareness of RightScale and demand for its award-winning cloud management solution. She has hel...
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Hassan Hosseini
Product Manager at RightScale
Hassan Hosseini is the product manager for RightScale Cloud Analytics. He is also responsible for all cloud cost-related products and features across the RightScale Cloud Portfo...
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Ryan Geyer
Cloud Solutions Architect
Sales Engineer Ryan Geyer is a champion for RightScale customers in helping them to apply and use cloud computing technology in their small- to large-scale computing environment...
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Michael Crandell
Chief Executive Officer at RightScale
Michael Crandell is the CEO and a founder of RightScale, where he provides the vision and direction for the company as it pioneers innovative ways to bring the power of cloud co...
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Rishi Vaish
Vice President of Product at RightScale
Rishi Vaish is the vice president of product at RightScale, where he is responsible for the product strategy, product roadmap, and customer experience. Previously as CTO Cloud I...
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Tim Miller
Vice President of Engineering at RightScale
Tim Miller is the vice president of engineering at RightScale, where he leads the engineering teams who develop and deliver RightScale products. He has held several software lea...
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Utpal Thakrar
Sr. Product Manager
Utpal is a Sr. Product Manager at RightScale, overseeing RightScale’s integration with various public clouds such as Rackspace, Windows Azure and private clouds platforms such a...
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Tony Spataro
Senior Systems Architect
Tony Spataro is a software developer/architect whose background in computer security, diverse skill set, and passion for technology afford him ample opportunity to get into trou...
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Ryan O'Leary
Product Manager
Ryan O'Leary is a product manager at RightScale, where he focuses on configuration management and automation in the platform. He works closely with customers and prospects...
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Shivan Bindal
Senior Product Manager at RightScale
Shivan Bindal manages the RightScale product direction for cloud and services enablement. Before RightScale, Shivan was a senior consultant at CoreObjects (now Symphony Teleca)...
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Bailey Caldwell
Vice President of Business Development at RightScale
Bailey Caldwell is the vice president of business development at RightScale, where he is responsible for RightScale partnerships across ISVs, Channels, and Clouds. Prior to Righ...
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Efrain Olivares
Software Development Engineer in Test at RightScale
Efrain Olivares is a software development engineer in test (SDET) at RightScale where he works on test automation, including the design and co-development of large-scale test au...
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Josep Blanquer
Chief Architect at RightScale
As chief architect at RightScale, Josep Blanquer collaborates closely with the engineering teams to ensure that RightScale is delivering a highly available, globally distributed...
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Raphael Simon
Senior Systems Architect at RightScale
Raphaël Simon is one of the lead systems architects at RightScale. Prior to joining the company, he was a software engineer at Citrix Online and Eiffel Software. He has a maste...
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Vijay Tolani
Cloud Solutions Engineer at RightScale
Vijay Tolani advises RightScale enterprise customers on choosing the best cloud technologies and architects solutions for their sophisticated needs. His areas of specialization...
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Phil Cox
Director of Security and Compliance at RightScale
Phil Cox is the director of security and compliance for RightScale where he focuses on security as both a consumer of a variety of cloud services as well as a provider of a clou...
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Patrick McClory
Solutions Architect at RightScale
Patrick McClory is a solutions architect and the lead for onboarding and consulting services for RightScale customers using Windows Azure. His primary area of expertise is cross...
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Elise Arthurs
Senior Marketing Director at RightScale
Elise Arthurs manages relationships with RightScale partners, including the largest cloud infrastructure providers, to ensure that RightScale customers have access to the most a...
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Angela Tripp
Executive Editor, RightScale Blog
As the executive editor of the RightScale Blog and manager of RightScale community programs, Angela Tripp keeps tabs on the cloud computing topics that matter most to RightScale...
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Magne Land
Senior Software Engineer at RightScale
Magne Land is a senior software engineer at RightScale as well as a tech lead and scrum master. His specialties are Ruby and Java server-side programming; implementing best prac...
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Josh Morse
Senior User Experience Manager at RightScale
Josh Morse is a senior user experience manager at RightScale. When he is not busy creating a smooth experience for RightScale users, Josh enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, and bo...
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Stephen Bylo
Sales Engineer at RightScale
Stephen Bylo is a sales engineer at RightScale based in Singapore. His specialties are enterprise software development, infrastructure and application lifecycle management, and...
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Uri Budnik
RightScale Cloud Evangelist
Uri Budnik speaks frequently on the topic of cloud computing and cloud computing management. He focuses on making enterprises aware of the benefits of RightScale cloud managemen...
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Darryl Eaton
Director of Product Management at RightScale
Darryl Eaton helps drive the RightScale product vision and strategy. He holds a degree in computer science from Yale and an M.B.A. from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at...
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Christopher Deutsch
Systems Administrator
Christopher Deutsch has worked for more than 15 years as a systems administrator and developer. As part of the RightScale operations team, he helps run the RightScale cloud plat...
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Jason Tillman
Partner Marketing Manager
Jason Tillman manages relationships with RightScale partners, including some of the largest cloud infrastructure provers, to ensure that RightScale customers can fully maximize...
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Lee Schlesinger
Lee Schlesinger was the former executive editor at ZDNet as well as an editor at a number of technology publications, including NetworkWorld, IT World, and Enterprise Networking...
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Andre Theus
Andre Theus is a product marketing manager at RightScale. He works closely with customers and prospects to enhance RightScale services. Andre has worked for disruptive technolog...
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Nick Kephart
Product Marketing Manager
Nick Kephart is a product marketing manager at RightScale. Prior to RightScale, Nick advised firms on technology and strategy at Boston Consulting Group. Nick received an MBA fr...
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Dean Onishi
Senior Technical Writer
Dean Onishi is a senior technical writer at RightScale where he focuses on empowering RightScale customers with the necessary learning tools and resources to successfully deploy...
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Bret Clement
Senior Director, Global Communications at RightScale
Bret Clement is Senior Director, Global Communications at RightScale.
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