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Google vs. AWS Pricing: Google Cuts Are First of 2015

Posted by Kim Weins   Ι   May 19, 2015 0 comments
Seven months after its last price cut on compute power for the cloud, Google is making good on its promise to drive cloud prices down at the rate of Moore’s Law. This week's price cut by Google is another strategic move in the Google vs. AWS pricing battle that ultimately benefits cloud consumers. We've done the analysis and have the latest price comparison charts.Read more

See All Your AWS Costs

With the release of the new RightScale Cloud Analytics dashboard this week, you can see all of your associated AWS costs such as compute, storage, networking, and any other service you use in AWS.Read more

Hard Lessons: 4 Reasons to Use SaaS for Cloud Management

Posted by Rishi Vaish   Ι   April 29, 2015 0 comments
Here at RightScale, we are a pure SaaS company (there is no on-premises delivery model for our Cloud Management product). In comparing a product suite offered as both SaaS and as an on-premises solution vs. the pure SaaS model, I’d like to share some observations on why I believe that SaaS is the best delivery model for cloud management.Read more