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How Telcos and Other MSPs Are Succeeding in Cloud

July 18, 2016 Posted By: Michael Crandell With the advent and strong adoption of public cloud services, the initial strategy of many telcos and larger MSPs was to build their own public or private clouds. However, as hyperscale clouds have continued to expand their service capabilities, service providers are now shifting their strategies. As their customers are quickly adopting public cloud from the hyperscale providers, forward-thinking MSPs are looking at new ways to add value.

RightScale Product Updates: Container Manager Support for Kubernetes, Code Reuse via Cloud Application Templates and More

July 07, 2016 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary Not only did the RightScale team celebrate the Fourth of July holiday this past week, but also our efforts to deliver new functionality. Enhancements include support for Kubernetes and other orchestration tools, the ability to reuse code via Cloud Application Templates, and improved managed login functionality among others.

RightScale Product Updates: Improved Support for AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, Docker and ServiceNow

June 03, 2016 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary It has been all about the integration during the past month at RightScale. We’ve released improved support for AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, Docker, and ServiceNow. Check out this overview of the new capabilities we've added.

New DevOps Trends: 2016 State of the Cloud Survey

May 11, 2016 Posted By: Kim Weins In January 2016 RightScale conducted its fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey that included a series of questions on the latest DevOps trends. In this blog post, we highlight several new findings from the survey, including who is adopting DevOps tools, which tools are most popular, and the greatest challenges with container management.