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Pivoting to Cloud: Why an MSP Chose RightScale

August 25, 2015 Posted By: Bret Clement When managed services provider Offis decided to expand its offerings to include cloud infrastructure, the company chose a multi-cloud strategy. With this approach, Offis could avoid lock-in to a single cloud provider and offer its customers — including companies as diverse as VW and Westfield — the same level of expertise and service no matter if the company was hosting in its own data center or in the cloud.

New In RightScale: Enhancements to Cloud Analytics, Cloud Appliance for vSphere and More

August 04, 2015 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary RightScale product updates released in July include a new Cloud Analytics feature you have been asking for plus support for volumes on vSphere Storage clusters.

RightScale Product Update: RightLink 10 Enhancements, AWS China Support and More

July 28, 2015 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary Summer is well under way, but we haven’t taken a vacation from creating new features in RightScale. So put down your umbrella drink and try out some new RightScale features. Here is a summary of the capabilities we added in June.

Get Showback Reporting for AWS, Azure and More Clouds

June 25, 2015 Posted By: Hassan Hosseini In May we released a brand-new RightScale Cloud Analytics dashboard for managing all your AWS costs as well as your instance costs for Azure, Google, SoftLayer, OpenStack, and VMware and other public and private clouds. Today we are releasing a new feature that will enable showback reporting for cloud costs across your enterprise.