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Understand Your Effective Cloud Costs with Markups and Markdowns

March 28, 2016 Posted By: Hassan Hosseini For a true picture of your cloud costs, you need to consider all your overhead costs that are not included in your cloud bill. We’ll show you how to apply these overhead costs or discounts on top of your cloud infrastructure costs for accurate showback and chargeback.

How to Manage Cloud Costs via a Single API

March 21, 2016 Posted By: Hassan Hosseini At RightScale, we are helping customers as they move toward automated outcomes where data and analytics are used to drive action. The Cloud Analytics API can help you progress toward a more automated approach to managing cloud costs. We show you three ways you can use it to optimize instance costs.

Reduce Cloud Costs: Watch Out for Zombie Instances

March 15, 2016 Posted By: Hassan Hosseini It happens over and over again: You receive a cloud bill that is higher than expected. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find and kill all of the "zombie" instances across all the clouds you use so that you can reduce your cloud costs?

RightScale Product Updates: AWS Spot Prices Now in Cloud Pricing Service, Plug In Any Costs to Cloud Analytics, and More

March 01, 2016 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary The latest RightScale product updates include AWS Spot prices in the RightScale Cloud Pricing Service and more cloud costs available in Cloud Analytics.