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New DevOps Trends: 2016 State of the Cloud Survey

May 11, 2016 Posted By: Kim Weins
In January 2016 RightScale conducted its fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey that included a series of questions on the latest DevOps trends. In this blog post, we highlight several new findings from the survey, including who is adopting DevOps tools, which tools are most popular, and the greatest challenges with container management.

Migrating to Docker: The Final Results

May 10, 2016 Posted By: Tim Miller
In the sixth and final part of our series on migrating the entire RightScale platform to Docker, we explain how we were able to achieve our dual goals of accelerating development and saving (a lot) of money.

RightScale Product Updates: Support for Docker Containers, Cost Trends on Any Dimension and More

May 05, 2016 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary
The latest RightScale product updates include support for Docker containers, cost trends on any dimension, and more.

Announcing Docker Container Management in RightScale

May 03, 2016 Posted By: Ryan O'Leary
Docker containers provide a new, portable approach to packaging and deploying services and applications. They are being deployed alongside traditional applications in cloud environments, virtual servers, and, increasingly, on bare-metal servers. Many applications will combine containers, traditional VMs, and other external services. As a result, enterprise IT teams are seeking to manage containerized services as part of their heterogeneous infrastructure environment. RightScale Container Manager provides visibility, monitoring, and management of Docker containers or clusters across clouds and virtual and bare-metal servers.