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Cloud Japan: Fastest-Growing Cloud?

Cloud Japan: Fastest-Growing Cloud?

The pent-up demand for cloud computing in Japan seems to have grown almost exponentially in recent months. We have been working with Japanese customers and partners for years and now that a public cloud is available (the new EC2 Tokyo region) we are ready for the floodgates to open! We've formed a RightScale subsidiary in Japan with local employees which we officially announced today, and we're also in the midst of localizing the dashboard as this screen shot below shows:

Dashboard in Japanese

We're also working on localizing our support section, starting with the tutorials:

Over the past years we've seen RightScale spread globally in two stages: first, because RightScale is a web-based SaaS platform our user base spread globally and customers joined from all over the world to manage cloud resources which were initially only in the US. Then, as Amazon introduced EC2 regions around the world, RightScale users started to manage cloud infrastructure across the globe from anywhere in the world - really unprecedented. This trend is now accelerating with new providers gearing up to provide differentiated cloud offerings that we will be supporting. We've certainly seen a lot of interest in that direction in Japan and in Asia in general.

If you're interested in the details of our Japanese offerings, please contact Yosuke Shindo via japan@rightscale.com. He will also demo the localized version of the RightScale dashboard at the RightScale seminar that is scheduled in Tokyo on March 8. The seminar will be followed by the RightScale Japan (RightScale KK) Launch Party. 


[...] the initial Japanese translation for the Dashboard is now available. With it, we built a foundation for many more translations to be provided to and [...]
Congratulations on having a great start in Japan. We at IBM already launched on RightScale in Japan on the same day you went live. I guess we were a little impatient :-) What we launched is an Early Experience program for the next version of the IBM DB2 database. More information here http://freedb2.com/2011/03/03/next-version-of-db2-soars-in-the-cloud-in-japan/
Thanks Leon! You guys are definitely trailblazers, always at the forefront of publishing applications into the cloud.

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