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Google Compute Engine & RightScale to Sell High-Performance Cloud

Last week we announced that RightScale has become Google's first partner to resell Google Compute Engine. This news marks a milestone in a long and ongoing process. We have been working with Google on Google Compute Engine since 2011, providing input on its development and integrating RightScale — and that work just won us Google's North American Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform award. We were at Google I/O last year for the launch of Google Compute Engine, and we've been impressed with the platform's power, building as it does on Google’s expertise at running global scale infrastructure. Although it is still in technical preview, we think Google Compute Engine is going to be a strong competitor in the public IaaS space, and RightScale can help customers get on board now.

With RightScale, customers will not only get a fast onramp to Google Compute Engine, but will also benefit from our seven-plus years of experience with cloud, our intimate knowledge of all the clouds we support, and the highest level of support to ensure that their projects are successful. The first step in cloud computing is using the right infrastructure for the right purpose, and that's our expertise.

That’s been the experience of GuruMenu, a company that helps retail brands connect with consumers in real time on mobile devices. The company turned to RightScale to manage the onboarding and deployment of its location-based content on proprietary in- and out-of-store marketing platforms via Google Compute Engine, and to accelerate time-to-market for its new application and provide ongoing management capabilities such as auto-scaling, automation, and monitoring.

Google RightScale was named Google's North American Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform


With the partnership between RightScale and Google Compute Engine, customers now have yet another cloud provider to choose from as part of our integrated ecosystem of clouds, software vendors, and systems integrators. Our customers benefit from this ecosystem by being able to implement the solutions that best support their business requirements for service level, geography, security, compliance, and performance. Given that there are more cloud options today than ever, businesses shouldn’t have to lock themselves into a single provider. By using RightScale, companies get a unified environment to facilitate management of their applications across public, private, and hybrid infrastructure, which enables them to fully realize the cost and agility benefits of cloud.

We're continuing to work with Google on a number of initiatives, many of which are in development now. But today's announcement says we're open for business, which is when cloud gets fun — real solutions, use cases, and workloads coming to life. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to use any and all cloud providers you choose and to easily manage your applications among them, and our support for Google Compute Engine is a big milestone on that path. If you're considering Google Compute Engine, see how RightScale can help you get started.

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