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Join Us for RightScale Compute 2013

Join Us for RightScale Compute 2013

If your organization is leveraging or investigating cloud computing, congratulations! You are at the leading edge of the most important ongoing paradigm shift in enterprise IT. The easiest way to get up to speed is by attending the RightScale Compute 2013 conference in San Francisco on April 23-26. This is the only conference that combines multiple clouds — public and private — with real case studies from real users.

We know that IT has moved to the center of business innovation. The cloud is transforming business by making organizations more agile, and we have spent the last six years working side-by-side with companies like Activision, Pearson, and Samsung to implement cloud applications and cloud strategies. These companies, and hundreds like them, use RightScale to manage cloud applications on multiple public and private clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Windows Azure, CloudStack, and OpenStack. We have helped businesses launch more than five million servers to meet their changing demands for computing resources, and RightScale experts have worked with forward-thinking organizations to build out their public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

RightScale Compute gives you the opportunity to learn from cloud leaders and RightScale experts. We’re pleased to announce that James Staten, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, will deliver a keynote address at this year’s RightScale Compute. Other speakers include RightScale CEO Michael Crandell and leaders from major public and private cloud providers.

The conference agenda features morning keynote addresses and panel discussions, followed by afternoon breakout sessions on a variety of cloud-related topics. And don’t miss the cocktail reception at the end of the first day’s sessions — your opportunity to network with peers and experts in an informal setting.

Why the Cloud? Why Now?

Cloud computing has numerous advantages. It lets you shift money out of your capital budget and pay for resources only when you need them. It lets you provision resources on-demand to meet the demands of your business. And it lets you focus your time on projects that differentiate your organization. For all these reasons, using the cloud is a winning business strategy.

Once you realize the strategic benefits of moving to the cloud, however, you’re faced with a new set of questions. Is my primary aim scalability or cost savings? Will a public or private architecture best help me achieve my goals? How do I determine the best choice? And, having settled on an option, which tools do I need manage my cloud solution efficiently?

RightScale Compute 2013 will help you answer those questions and more. You’ll learn about useful solutions to manage cloud configuration, support the application lifecycle, and build for the future. Our engineers and our customers face the same issues you’re facing, and can offer guidance based on extensive experience.

Some of the most progressive minds in cloud computing will be at RightScale Compute. Interact with the experts and your peers and use their collective knowledge to jumpstart your cloud project or fine-tune your existing systems architecture or deployments.

RightScale Zero to Cloud™ Training

To make the most of your time, join us for two-day pre-conference training sessions on RightScale fundamentals or advanced concepts, such as using RightScale with Chef or using RightScale to set up a hybrid cloud. We’re also holding a high availability and disaster recovery workshop at the same time. Our training classes tend to sell out, so be sure to register now for the ones you’re interested in.

If you're thinking about the cloud — and these days, who isn’t?  — put RightScale Compute 2013 on your conference agenda.

RightScale Compute 2013 is sponsored by Rackspace, Google Compute Engine, Windows Azure, CloudStack, Equinix, Apica, and Redapt.