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New In RightScale: Easy Multi-Cloud Provisioning, Outbound-Only Connections to OpenStack and More

New In RightScale: Easy Multi-Cloud Provisioning, Outbound-Only Connections to OpenStack and More

Last month was "may"hem here at RightScale with a flurry of feature development. Here is a summary of the capabilities we added during May. Click the links below to get detailed release notes, or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information.

Get Ready for the June 30 Leap Second
With the upcoming leap second on June 30, many customers are asking what they should do to prepare. A number of cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine, have provided guidance. To avoid any complications with your instances, make sure that you have the most recent updates of operating system and package patches. The RightScale Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers are up to date with the latest patches for NTP. You can find more information on NTP here: http://www.ntp.org/index.html.

Cloud Management

  • Easier instance provisioning for more clouds: In January we released a new, easier way to provision AWS instances from the Instances and Servers view. Now we've expanded this capability to support AWS, Azure, VMware, Rackspace, OpenStack, and SoftLayer clouds.
  • Start and stop instances launched outside of RightScale: You can now stop and start instances launched outside of RightScale using the Actions dropdown on the Instances and Servers view as well as the Servers tab of a Deployment.
  • Automatic refresh of Audit Entries: Audit information is now updated automatically on the Audit Entries tab. You no longer have to refresh the page manually to see the latest audit log records.


Cloud Analytics

  • New Scenario Builder patterns: You can now apply intermittent patterns in Scenario Builder that enable you to model seasonality, such as peaks for specific months or weeks.
  • Customize Cloud Analytics with your own logo: You can now customize Cloud Analytics with your company logo. Currently you can customize the logo by asking your Account Manager to upload your preferred image. Soon an upcoming release will give you the ability to do this yourself through the RightScale user interface.
  • See total compute hours: You can toggle between RightScale Compute Units (RCUs) and total compute hours on the top chart on the Analyze page by using the down arrow next to “RCU” at the top right of the chart.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Easy Azure multi-region registration: When you connect Azure to RightScale, we now automatically connect to all Azure regions. You no longer need to register each region separately. This includes all regions supported by Microsoft Azure with the exception of the Azure China region.
  • Azure support for load-balanced sets: RightScale now supports creation, configuration, and management of Azure load balancers and the ability to add or remove instances to a load balancer that makes up "load-balanced sets." This is equivalent to the ELB support on AWS.
  • Support for outbound-only connections from OpenStack clouds: OpenStack private clouds are typically hosted on premises behind a firewall with strict inbound access policies. RightScale now supports wstunnel as an option for connecting OpenStack environments to RightScale, eliminating the need to make any inbound connection from RightScale to the on-premises OpenStack environment.
  • SoftLayer volume support: RightScale now supports Endurance Prime Block Storage, a network-attached storage offering from SoftLayer that allows you to select specific IOPS required based on the type of workload (basic, read-heavy, or write-heavy).

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RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report