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New RightScale Features: Manage Existing Instances, Orchestrate Any AWS Service and More

New RightScale Features: Manage Existing Instances, Orchestrate Any AWS Service and More

Whether you’ve spent your winter shoveling snow, avoiding the ice, or taking military showers (we’re looking at you, California), spring is now officially here. So it’s time to try out some of the coolest new features from RightScale. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month. Click the links below to get detailed release notes or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information.

Cloud Management

  • Manage existing cloud instances with RightLink 10: This major new update to the RightLink agent allows you to manage running instances in a supported cloud with complete RightScale Cloud Management functionality, including monitoring, alerts, notifications, operational script execution, and audit trails.
  • Tag all your discovered cloud instances: The powerful tagging capability in RightScale is now expanded to all cloud instances discovered through RightScale, even if they were provisioned outside of RightScale. Simply enter cloud credentials for any supported cloud and start tagging.


  • Automate any AWS service from your Cloud Application Template: RightScale Cloud Application Templates (CAT) files can now call AWS APIs through the HTTP function. Automate any AWS service within a CAT file, including CloudFormation. Provision and manage AWS services as part of your cloud applications.
  • Get details about cloud API errors: When interacting with cloud resources in Cloud Application Templates, sometimes the API call to the cloud provider will unexpectedly fail. Using the new errors hash, you can get the details of the error from the provider and determine the nature and extent of the error.
  • Improved concurrency in Cloud Workflow: One of the most common use cases in Cloud Application Templates is to launch infrastructure concurrently. With the new change to the language, it’s now even easier to launch resources concurrently to improve the launch performance of your CloudApp.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Enhancements to vSphere support: In the latest version of RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere (v1.2.1), we’ve shortened VM boot times, improved performance on volume attachment, and added the ability to share a VLAN across two vSphere Datacenters.
  • Rackspace: RightScale now supports bi-directional syncing on volume names in Rackspace. This enables users to rename a Rackspace volume either from the RightScale Cloud Management dashboard or using the Rackspace console directly and have the name synchronized in both places.
  • SoftLayer: RightScale now displays the administrator (or root) password on the Info page of Cloud Management for the server or instance that was launched on SoftLayer. The password is auto-generated by SoftLayer cloud.

New Cloud Resources

Don't Miss!

  • April 8, 2015: Attend our live webinar on Azure vs. AWS Best Practices: What You Need to Know.” While some cloud users are evaluating Azure vs. AWS, many enterprises are planning to use both cloud providers. In this webinar, we’ll cover the differences in best practices between the two. Learn more and register.
  • April 19-24, 2015: RightScale will be demonstrating how to add rich multi-cloud management functionality to ServiceNow at the Knowledge15 conference in Las Vegas. Join us for a session by Technicolor on using RightScale and ServiceNow to drive agility by leveraging infrastructure from public and private clouds. Get more info.


RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report