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RightScale Dashboard: Japanese, More Widgets, & -your idea here-

RightScale Dashboard: Japanese, More Widgets, & -your idea here-

The RightScale customer community is growing rapidly and we always appreciate your feedback and support. We're bringing RightScale users together for our 4th RightScale User Conference in New York in June. Customers are flying in from all over the world to share in our vision for Cloud Computing. Please join us!

We've just put out a new release of the Dashboard, and with it, we're expanding our ability to meet the needs of this global community.

First, the initial Japanese translation for the Dashboard is now available. With it, we built a foundation for many more translations to be provided to and by the community in the future. For now, you can switch to Japanese by toggling the language in the lower left hand corner of the Dashboard (thanks to our team in Japan for your hard work!):

Next, we've release a couple features that customers have been asking for. You can now associate AWS ELB and RDS services with RightScale Deployments so you can view your whole AWS system on one page. We've also made it possible to add Cluster Monitoring heat maps and stacked graphs to your Dashboard:

On that note, we're making it even easier for our community to partner with us to create the best cloud management platform in the world. Today, we launched feedback.rightscale.com, a place where you can submit and vote on ideas to improve the RightScale products. In addition, for any feature you show interest in, we'll tell you the instant it becomes available.

We've seeded it with a few recent requests already, so start voting...

Finally, let's not forget you can already submit your ServerTemplate ideas ... as ServerTemplates! We've launched our second ServerTemplate Showdown, where you can win prizes by simply publishing the ServerTemplates you use everyday. This spring, the grand prize is a four-day trip to Santa Barbara. Bring your surfboard, not your laptop. Read more details about the ServerTemplate Showdown.

What's not obvious in the release? We've made a number of improvements in the back end to enable better scaling of our service and to allow us to reduce the impact of releases. This work will be ongoing and we hope to be able to show the benefits soon.

Read the full Dashboard Release Notes for a complete list of new features and changes in this release.