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RightScale in Japan with IDC Frontier

RightScale in Japan with IDC Frontier

Last year we announced a bunch of new clouds to the RightScale dashboard.  Each of those clouds brought a differentiated offering to our user base.  Recently, we announced public availability of a new cloud - IDC Frontier Cloud.  Analyst Agatha Poon recently wrote about IDC Frontier's progress in IaaS and gave an overview of how their cloud is positioned in the Japanese market.

IDC Frontier Cloud is one of two clouds RightScale supports in Japan.    Over the past several years, IDC Frontier has been delivering managed public cloud solutions to the Japanese market.  Recently, they added self-service cloud products to their portfolio which is the focus of our integration.

IDC Frontier Cloud, as integrated with RightScale, is built on top of Citrix technology.  In particular, they have deployed CloudStack and CloudPortal.  CloudStack is the technology layer powering compute, network and storage that exposes the cloud API that RightScale uses to control, manage and orchestrate resources within the cloud.  CloudPortal provides a web based user interface that enables users to interact with IDC Frontier for things like customer support (ticketing, help desk, forums), payment and account management.  It is integrated with CloudStack and also gives users abilities around virtual machine provisioning.  The combination of RightScale on top of the Citrix technology gives users the ability to control more than their virtual machines and raw cloud resources.  They can provision dynamic application workloads using the power of RightScale's cloud management solution.  With our pre-configured application stacks and our automation engine complete with application monitoring, alerting and scaling, users focus their efforts on deploying and maintaining their applications in the cloud.

RightScale adds 'Scale' to IDC Frontier

With the popularity of social gaming and web applications in APAC and growing need for resource pools in e-commerce, e-publishing and advertising, IDC Frontier and RightScale provide a complete solution for businesses looking to leverage cloud.  RightScale's ServerTemplates provide the basis for server configuration that enable customers to run production web-scale architectures in the cloud.  Day 1, IDC Frontier has ported many of our ServerTemplates on their cloud and customized them to leverage web services that are available within the IDC Frontier cloud.  Those services include their own file storage solution, called Contents Store, and an internal dynamic DNS Service called NSUpdate.  Both of these services, along with advanced networking settings such as Firewall rules and LoadBalancer policies are available for configuration with the combination of RightScale and IDC Frontier Cloud.  You can read more about this offering on our support site, including how to set up a three-tier application stack using RightScale ServerTemplates here.

RightScale continues to partner with the best clouds around the world, and continues to focus on helping our customers access the optimal resource pool for their cloud workload.  As some of us here at RightScale like to say…it's a cloudy world :)

Give IDC Frontier and RightScale a go, and as always, let us know what you think.

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