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RightScale Open Source Tools for Cloud Application Developers

RightScale Open Source Tools for Cloud Application Developers

Why do developers write open source software? To demonstrate their programming chops, to share useful code with their peers, and to gain experience — to name but a few reasons. RightScale has long supported open source development and we’ve released several open source tools ourselves.

You can find our tools at RightScale Community Resources (community.rightscale.com), where we also showcase the projects of RightScale users. Resources include tools that work in conjunction with the RightScale API or with Chef configuration management within RightScale; image and reporting tools; and cloud-specific tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, OpenStack, CloudStack, and other cloud providers.

Tools contributed by RightScale software engineers and cloud solutions architects include:

  • Self-service cloud with an IT vending machine gives you push-button provisioning of application stacks
  • The Terminator automatically shuts down unused resources to save you money
  • YARD plugin for Chef helps you document Chef recipes
  • Virtual machine image cleaner
  • API examples written in Bash/cURL, Ruby, PowerShell, and Python

Take the opportunity to leverage these tools to jump-start your cloud deployments. And consider sharing your own tools with the RightScale community so that we can help each other be successful in the cloud.