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RightScale Product Updates: Container Manager Support for Kubernetes, Code Reuse via Cloud Application Templates and More

RightScale Product Updates: Container Manager Support for Kubernetes, Code Reuse via Cloud Application Templates and More

Not only did the RightScale team celebrate the Fourth of July holiday this past week, but also our efforts to deliver time-saving new feature enhancements. Read below for all the details.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Container Manager enhancements: We have improved Container Manager to work with more container lifecycle events, including support for Kubernetes and other orchestration tools. Use any container orchestrator — or just pure Docker — and get visibility into all your containers and images across any cloud and any orchestration service. Note that using this new Container Manager functionality requires you to install RightLink 10.5 or higher on the host.


  • New Cloud Application Template (CAT) Imports enable reuse of common declarations and definitions: Now you can create package CATs that can be imported into other CATs, enabling code reuse and best practices implementation. Read more about packaging CATs. Note that using the new CAT Imports functionality requires you to edit your existing CAT files to use a new CAT Version and associated RCL Version that both contain breaking changes, which are detailed on the CAT Changelog and the RCL Changelog pages. If you make no edits to your existing CAT files and CloudApps, they will not be affected by breaking changes.

Cloud Management

  • Tags on a multi-cloud instance (MCI) are now inherited by any instance that is launched using that MCI: When you set tags on an MCI, all instances created from it will have the same tags. Read about tagging.

RightLink v10.5

  • Improved Managed Login functionality for RightLink 10.5 and higher: With the new Managed Login feature, RightLink 10 leverages an open-source NSS plugin to authorize RightScale users with the roles server_login and server_superuser and to authenticate them using their keys stored in RightScale. Every RightScale user has a system-provided login name and can create a preferred login name in his User Settings under SSH. Read more on RightLink 10 Managed SSH Login.
  • Added support for $RS_PACKAGES env variable for RightScripts: You can now efficiently invoke your package manager to install all packages required by your RightScripts. Read more about RightScripts execution with RightLink 10.

Deprecation Notice

  •  The CloudFront Distribution menu in Cloud Management will be deprecated and removed on July 30, 2016. As an alternative, please use the AWS Console to manage CloudFront distributions. With a future release, we will again enable you to manage CloudFront distributions through RightScale, but via the more efficient use of plugins.

New Cloud Resources 

  • Ins and Outs of Multi-Cloud IAM: How RightScale Helps: Join us for a live webinar on July 14 where we’ll show you how to address the challenge of identity and access management (IAM) across disparate cloud providers by streamlining the process of granting permissions for each cloud.
  • RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report: DevOps Trends: Get an in-depth analysis on the latest DevOps trends in this new report from RightScale that examines the survey results from more than 1,000 IT professionals.
  • RightScale Team at Gartner Catalyst: Make an appointment to meet with our product and engineering experts to discuss your cloud strategy or other topics of interest at Gartner Catalyst in San Diego August 15-18. To schedule a one-on-one meeting, contact Sales.


RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report