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RightScale Ruby Cloud Gems Released

RightScale Ruby Cloud Gems Released

We've just rereleased all the Ruby gems (libraries) we use to interface to the various cloud providers. These gems are what we use in our RightScale platform in production, not some stripped-down version. They have performance optimizations and extensive error checking as well as retries for failing operations.

As part of the current wave, we've released the Amazon Web Services interface RightAws 1.10.0. The big new features are SDB's SQL-like query and query_with_attributes support as well as signature v2 support for all services. There are also numerous bug fixes, many of them reported and patched by users and customers. Thank you!

We've also released alpha versions of the GoGrid, FlexiScale, and Slicehost gems. These have seen less production use and the APIs at these providers are still seeing changes, so we expect we'll have some fixing to do. Please report any bugs to us and we'll fix 'em!

We remain committed to contributing open source libraries to the cloud community. Also, by popular demand, we will be moving the development of these gems to a public git repository soon. It's a bit more tricky than you might expect, as we're often ahead on a private branch with non-public cloud features, so we need to make it all work correctly. 

Oops: I almost forgot to add a link to the gems: http://rightscale.rubyforge.org/ and http://rubyforge.org/projects/rightscale


A small patch to your right_http_connection gem which sits under the others (like right_aws). It sets the https verify_mode to VERIFY_NONE if there is no ca_file. http://github.com/rab/right_http_connection/commit/fb47d2b43bb6202a0bc8a115cfe099339292d19d
Scratch that bug report about next_token. It's a bug on our end. Forgot to cgi escape that next_token. Sorry about that.
Posted by Peter (not verified)   Ι   February 27, 2009   Ι   05:00 PM
Also, there is nowhere on the support forum where I can post questions or bug reports. It used to have a topic for the library.
Posted by Peter (not verified)   Ι   February 27, 2009   Ι   04:37 PM
Thank you for continuing to share your code set.
Posted by Iolaire McFadden (not verified)   Ι   February 26, 2009   Ι   07:18 AM
Thanks for releasing this. I think I've caught a bug. The 'next_token' returned by the class is always rejected by Amazon as 'Invalid'. Using the previous version, everything works, but after upgrade, next_token is broken.
Posted by Peter (not verified)   Ι   February 27, 2009   Ι   04:36 PM
Adam: interesting thought, but I guess it doesn't have anything to do with this blog entry and we're not competing with EC2 either. Go figure... Nicholas, I'm sorry to hear that you find our prices high. There's a lot of engineering that goes into RightScale and people that actually respond and do something when you call/email with a problem do need to be fed every now and then. For the vast majority of our customers we save lots of money across the board in terms of engineering time and sysadmin time.
How can you justify your pricing? It's insane, you people are mad if you think you can compete with EC2.
Posted by Adam (not verified)   Ι   March 02, 2009   Ι   09:33 AM
I'm sorry if I gave the right impression, to me as an individual, or to small companies, the price point is a little bit high, that said, we gladly pay it because it has saved us countless hours of development time, and the monitoring and scaling solutions work well for us, we've even recommended RightScale to others we've dealt with. I think that the price point may become a bit harder to swallow when Amazon releases their own auto-scaling and load balancing, which they announced late last year, as that seems to be the services we are paying for, as the base rightscale free platform provides the monitoring and server template system, which are the most valuable parts of rightscale. Of course, Amazon's auto-scaling won't work with server templates, as Amazon will just launch prebuilt AMIs and run them as is, not a server template from RightScale, so even after Amazon releases this service, we'll still need the paid version of RightScale.
@Peter I'm having a problem with the "next_token" after the upgrade; however, all my attempts to CGI escape the token still fail. Any advice?
Posted by tucsonconsulting (not verified)   Ι   March 30, 2009   Ι   10:34 AM
Found a work around... for some reason I get invalid token only when I use a prepared statement; inline queries seem to return usable tokens
Posted by tucsonconsulting (not verified)   Ι   March 30, 2009   Ι   11:10 AM
@Adam First of all, what does your comment have to do with this Blog Post at all, second of all, RightScale doesn't try to compete with EC2, they enhance EC2, RightScale is not a server hosting environment at all, they don't have the instances at all, they simply help you manage the instances ON EC2. The bread and butter of the RightScale system is completely free, and that's the EC2 management system that they offer free of charge to developers, what they charge for (and I agree that the prices are high, even though we pay them), are additional premium features such as automatically scaling server arrays, and load balancing, which is very hard to do on Amazon.
I'm afraid we're not currently working on an ANS gem. It's on the to-do list, but got bumped by other stuff. Sigh.
Thank you for this gem! You are the the only proper implementation of an AWS Ruby library. I have been experimenting with SQS and SimpleDB so far, and I am impressed. We are writing a book on Amazon AWS, with O'Reilly, and we are covering most AWS services in PHP, Java and Ruby. But we also want to do Simple Notification Service, but that is not part of your gem. Are you working on support for that service? Groet, Jurg.

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