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RightScale Supports New AWS Australia Region

RightScale Supports New AWS Australia Region

Amazon just launched a new region today in Sydney, Australia, as part of its Global AWS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. We’re pleased to announce that RightScale supports this new region (Asia Pacific - Sydney) on launch day!

This is exciting news for the Asia Pacific region.  We’ve had RightScale customers launching resources in nearby supported clouds such as AWS’s Singapore region, who are eager for this announcement.  And now, because they embraced RightScale’s configuration automation technology, these customers can swiftly migrate their applications (and the associated data!) to Sydney to better serve their customers.  If you have been considering a renewed availability zone design, or multi-region footprint for your web services, RightScale makes that much easier by allowing repeatable infrastructure blueprints to be stamped out in the Australian region, Singapore region and others as required, without having to rework your infrastructure for each region.

Thanks to our close partnering with AWS, RightScale has been able to ready our services so customers can begin to deploy servers through our dashboard today at 12pm PT/ 7am in Sydney, Australia. We’ve worked with AWS as it opened many regions around the world including Japan, Singapore and the UK.  RightScale stays current with the latest feature releases, allowing our customers to build their repeatable infrastructure designs with AWS features such as provisioned IOPS capabilities.  We’ve also updated our PlanForCloud cost forecasting site with the new region and customers have already started to create models for the Sydney region.

As many of you might know, AWS is hosting a customer appreciation event in Sydney on Tuesday, November 13.  Josh Fraser, our SVP of Sales and Business Development, is speaking at the event with one of our customers, PhotoMerchant, about how to leverage RightScale to manage Amazon infrastructure at peak performance.  Check out more information about his talk here.

Cloud in Australia

Being based in Santa Barbara, California, I wanted to understand what this launch announcement means for the Australian market.  I turned to our Country Manager, Giri Fox for his take.  We had an interesting conversation and it’s clear to me that the Australian market will benefit in many ways.  The highlights include additional differentiated services from cloud computing vendors and best in cloud expertise with offerings from AWS and RightScale.  Read on for more anecdotes from Giri Fox, whom you can reach out to directly.

With AWS now available in Australia, the local adoption of cloud computing is likely to accelerate. Not just because many organizations will choose AWS, but also because local competitors will be driven to offer more differentiated services than simply having the prior unique position of being on Australian soil.

In Australia, a report recently commissioned by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and completed by KPMG, outlined the benefits of cloud computing to Australian enterprise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the economy:

“...should Australian organisations adopt cloud platforms as expected across their ICT requirements – as more mature markets such as the US suggest is likely – then the benefits at both the enterprise and aggregate economy level could be substantial, lowering ICT operating and capital expenditures by up to 25 percent and 50 percent respectively.”

The report cited a “lack of local IaaS options” as one reason the surveyed users have not adopted cloud computing to the same degree as the USA.

The review considers the NIST-defined spectrum of cloud computing including SaaS, such as RightScale itself and Salesforce, plus IaaS from providers like Amazon. The report identifies a number of areas where cloud computing is beneficial, and those which overlap with RightScale include:

  • elastic scalability – where RightScale improves the responsiveness and automation options available for a scaling event
  • fast deployment – With RightScale automation and context-aware server launching, our clients are able to launch hundreds to thousands of servers within hours
  • simpler to manage – RightScale customers report tenfold improvement on system to administrator ratios thanks to our governance controls and configuration management

The AWS’ Australian region, combined with RightScale’s recently announced expansion into Australia, enable locals to take advantage of the experience both organizations have had in the USA with early adoptors. RightScale’s professional services group has been involved with thousands of clients, and helped onboard 4.8 million cloud servers, with clients of all sizes, and all degrees of complexity. That knowledge, combined with AWS local region, is now available to help Australian speed their entry to the cloud.

You can learn more about RightScale’s capabilities and the solutions we and our ecosystem partners offer by signing up for a free trial here.