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New RightScale Features: Google Compute Engine SSD Support, New Azure Instances and More

November 30, 2015,
Posted By: Ryan O'Leary

We’re just back from celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and are feeling stuffed with leftover turkey and extra thankful for all of our RightScale users and customers. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month.

RightScale Product Update: Enhanced Google Cloud Platform Support, Private Cloud Cost Forecasting and More

November 02, 2015,
Posted By: Ryan O'Leary
We had a great time at AWS re:Invent earlier this month and enjoyed the chance to talk with many of you in person. But our few days in Las Vegas didn’t slow us down when it came to cranking out new features. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month.

New RightScale Cloud Pricing Service Provides Insights Into 100,000+ Cloud Prices

October 07, 2015,
Posted By: Hassan Hosseini
As more than 18,000 cloudophiles descend on Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent, it’s easy to forget that most enterprises are operating in a world of heterogeneous infrastructure — public and private clouds, virtualized environments, and bare-metal servers. IT teams are brokering cloud services alongside other infrastructure options to their internal users. Their goal is to place workloads in the lowest-cost environment that meets an application’s requirements. However, determining the most economical cloud pricing isn’t always easy. Until now.

Universal Cloud Management: Deploy Anywhere, Manage Everywhere

October 02, 2015,
Posted By: Michael Crandell
Cloud management was born on New Year’s Eve, December 2006 when Thorsten von Eicken, the CTO and co-founder of our yet-to-be-incorporated Santa Barbara startup, released the first-ever version of RightScale. The software was designed to provide a platform to deploy and manage applications running on the beta version of Amazon EC2, which had been unveiled earlier that summer. Since those early days, cloud has powered a transformation in IT from startups to enterprises. And RightScale Cloud Management has evolved to enable cloud users to deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud providers, whether public or private, from a single pane of glass.