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AWS i2 Instances: Now Supported by RightScale

December 20, 2013,
Posted By: Thorsten von Eicken
Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) released a new i2 instance type, and we provided immediate support for it in the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform. The i2 instance was designed to host I/O intensive workloads typically generated by NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB as well as workloads generated by relational databases and transactional systems.

New RightScale Release: Tag Sync, 13.5LTS, and OpenStack Neutron

October 10, 2013,
Posted By: Nick Kephart
RightScale unveiled the September 2013 release last week, with several exciting improvements.

How RightScale Supports Virtual Networking Across Clouds

September 18, 2013,
Posted By: Josep Blanquer
Today RightScale formally announces Network Manager, which provides abstraction of network constructs across clouds, provides for portability of applications defined with these constructs, and enhances organizations' ability to secure cloud networks.

New in RightScale: Unified Cloud Platform, Networks, and More

September 04, 2013,
Posted By: Nick Kephart
We are excited to announce a major advance in how we support public and private cloud platforms. With the RightScale August release, a new Unified Cloud Platform provides a unified API for all of our supported clouds and becomes the base upon which we will build new features going forward.