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RightScale at re:Invent: How to Manage AWS, VMware and Hybrid Cloud

November 10, 2014,
Posted By: Angela Tripp
The ability to natively manage workloads across VMware vSphere, AWS, and other clouds from a single pane of glass is a topic that we’ll be covering this week at AWS re:Invent in the session "AWS and VMware: How to Architect and Manage Hybrid Environments." Here's a preview of the topics we will be covering in depth.

Rackspace Schedules Reboot of Next Generation Cloud Servers

September 29, 2014,
Posted By: Utpal Thakrar
The Great 2014 Cloud Reboot continues, with Rackspace announcing late Friday a scheduled reboot all Standard, Performance 1, and Performance 2 Next Generation Cloud Servers infrastructure that began Sunday, September 28, 2014. Here's what you need to know and how you can build in redundancy to protect against future maintenance, downtime, and outages.

AWS Reboot: FAQs

September 25, 2014,
Posted By: Shivan Bindal
With the news of a significant AWS reboot going out to many AWS customers, RightScale is sharing some FAQs with the best information we have. We will update these as we get new or different information.

AWS to Reboot a Number of EC2 Instances

September 24, 2014,
Posted By: Thorsten von Eicken
Today Amazon Web Services (AWS) notified its customers that it will be rolling out an urgent patch to hosts causing a maintenance reboot of EC2 instances over the next several days starting on September 26, 2014. We've got the rundown on what you can expect and how to mitigate it.