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New Kernels Coming to Amazon EC2

Up to now you could run any Linux distribution on Amazon EC2, but you could only run Amazon's 2.6.16 kernel. Well strictly speaking there are two kernels: a kernel for the 32-bit instances and a kernel for the 64-bit instances. But recently Red Hat announced support for RHEL5 on EC2, and today they made it available publicly. The kernel you get if you launch its paid AMI (...Read more

Ubuntu 7.04 Amazon EC2 Image Release

We've been working on an Ubuntu RightImage for a while now, and it's now available as `RightImage Ubuntu7.04V1_14_2` with AMI ID ami-f3cc299a and location `rightscale_images/Ubuntu7.04_V1_14_2`. This is our first Ubuntu public image, so we hope we covered all bases, but we're eager to hear whether everything works as expected. As always the script to create the image is also available. To run the...Read more

Configuring Servers with RightScripts

With EC2 the way one configures a server is by creating a machine image (AMI). But there has to be a better way! The first time I created an AMI almost a year ago it was a lot of fun. Hitting "launch" and seeing a new instance pop up was really cool. But a few weeks later reality started to set in, as I was coming up with little tweaks almost on a daily basis - anything from changing an SSHD...Read more
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