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RightScale Release: MultiCloud ServerTemplates and RightImages

This is Part Two of our release series. A couple weeks ago, we announced a lot of goodies and we're going to talk about some new stuff today. It has been a R.A.C.E. to the finish line this sprint, but we have some exciting news! RightScale's current ServerTemplate release showcases the entire PHP 3-tier stack across the R ackspace Cloud, A mazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, C loud.com's CloudStack...Read more

64-bit CentOS5 Amazon EC2 Image Release

A 64-bit version of our CentOS5 image is now available for general consumption. The image is called `RightImage CentOS5 x86_64 V1_12` with AMI ID ami-31c72258 and location `rightscale_images/CentOS5_X86_64_V1_12`. See the changelog for info on past images. This is our first public image for the large instance types and we hope we covered all bases, but we're eager to hear whether everything works...Read more

New CentOS5 RightImage V1_10 published

A new RightScale CentOS5 base image (RightImage) is available: RightImage CentOS V1_10 ami-08f41161. Please see the changelog for the details of what has changed. We also try to keep the Public AMI listing on Amazon's site up-to-date. A little background on RightImages: To configure servers we use a base image and install software at boot time using our ServerTemplates and RightScripts. This is...Read more

The First Two RightImages are Now Available

Are you puzzled by the many public Amazon EC2 images that are available? They are all wonderful to get started with, and we all have to thank the many authors who have put a lot of work into creating them. But when we put a server into production we always feel like we should be 100% in control. We want to make sure there is nothing unknown on the images we are using. We also believe that even...Read more
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