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Why Amazon's Elastic Block Store Matters

On the technical side, Amazon's EBS service may look like just another great new feature of the Elastic Compute Cloud, but on the business side it enables a whole slew of new customers. I won't pretend that I understand all the new uses, but I can talk about those we see and are supporting. First a couple of words about what EBS is. In short, it's a SAN (storage area network) in the cloud. You...Read more

Amazon's Elastic Block Store Explained

Now that Amazon's Elastic Block Store is live I thought it'd be helpful to explain all the ins and outs as well as how to use them. The official information about EBS is found on the AWS site. I've written about the significance of EBS before and I'll follow up with a post about some new use cases it enables . The Basics EBS starts out really simple. You create a volume from 1GB to 1TB in size...Read more
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