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Amazon Consolidated Billing and Reserved Instances

Amazon added consolidated billing a couple of days ago. It allows you to consolidate multiple accounts onto a single bill so your credit card only gets one hefty charge instead of many smaller ones from all the accounts you might have. What's actually nice is that you can download a CSV file with the details of all the accounts in one place so you get an overview of where the money is going.Read more

Bid for Your Instances!

We're clearly witnessing a year-end release finale at AWS with another big release tonight: EC2 spot instance pricing. Spot instance pricing is the third pricing model introduced by Amazon after the original per-hour price (now called "on-demand"), then the "reserved" instance pricing and now a supply and demand driven "spot" pricing. As far as I know, this is the first step on a large scale...Read more

Amazon EC2 - A New Chapter Begins

Tonight Amazon made a milestone release introducing the ability to boot instances from an EBS volume and stop and start instances. In addition, just a few weeks after announcing plans to expand AWS to the Far East, today it has moved west and made a U.S. West Coast cloud available. (Does Amazon need a compass?) For the AWS view on all this see Werner's Blog as well as Jeff Barr's postings . But...Read more

RightScale Supports Ubuntu on Amazon EC2

Fear not, this is not a rehash of our press release from the other day. I was browsing what people wrote about Ubuntu and EC2 and I'm amazed at some of the confusion. The most bizarre so far is an article about " Ubuntu's next wave: Open server, closed cloud ," talking about how Canonical is steering users to Amazon's "closed cloud" in order to monetize Ubuntu and thus how they're betraying free...Read more

Amazon Launches EC2 Console

Ever since AWS pre-announced that it was developing its own web-based console for EC2, we've been asked how it compares with RightScale. Now that it's released we can actually make an informed comparison. The one-sentence summary is that the current EC2 console is a control panel that gives you access to all EC2 functions, while RightScale is a complete management platform to design, deploy, and...Read more

Amazon Launches New Cloud in Europe

Amazon just unveiled an EC2 cloud in Europe - see the AWS feature guide on this topic. This EU offering has long been rumored and has been requested many times by customers in the EU as well as by US customers with sizable European user bases. Finally EC2 EU has arrived. It looks like it has landed in Ireland; I hope the Amazon team is ready for the customer onslaught. The EC2 EU announcement is...Read more

Windows! SLA! Beta Bye-Bye! All on Amazon EC2 Today!

The cloud is coming of age. Amazon has taken a huge leap forward today by announcing that EC2 is now out of beta, together with an SLA that is evidence of Amazon's commitment to provide top-notch service. Its uptime has been stellar, and it is now standing behind their offering contractually in a much stronger way, and signaling how customers can set their expectations. Read about the...Read more

MySQL Comes to the Amazon EC2 Cloud

I'm sure you've seen the announcement that MySQL/Sun now supports the MySQL Enterprise Server product on Amazon EC2. Of course the MySQL community edition has been in the cloud for a long time and we have engineered and supported it for many months. But it is nevertheless exciting to see another vendor (after Red Hat) embrace the cloud and offer support for its software there. Interestingly MySQL...Read more

Amazon EC2 Reaches Next Level with Persistent Storage Volumes

The Amazon folks have gone public today with the next EC2 feature: persistent storage. The official information is found in Jeff Barr's blog entry and in Matt's forum post . Calling persistent storage a feature is an understatement - it revolutionizes EC2 and enables usage patterns that any big-iron SAN user would die for. The Basics What does this persistent storage look like? We've been testing...Read more

How EC2 Changes the Game in Batch Grid Computing

We've been receiving a number of inquiries about our RightGrid batch processing framework recently. RightGrid was designed to simplify the task of processing large numbers of jobs enqueued in Amazon SQS with the data to be processed residing in S3. Basically it takes care of all the fetching and pushing, and all you need to do is plug in your processing code that takes local files as input and...Read more


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