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Ubuntu 7.04 Amazon EC2 Image Release

We've been working on an Ubuntu RightImage for a while now, and it's now available as `RightImage Ubuntu7.04V1_14_2` with AMI ID ami-f3cc299a and location `rightscale_images/Ubuntu7.04_V1_14_2`. This is our first Ubuntu public image, so we hope we covered all bases, but we're eager to hear whether everything works as expected. As always the script to create the image is also available. To run the...Read more

Network Performance Within Amazon EC2 and to Amazon S3

What is the expected network performance between Amazon EC2 instances? What is the available bandwidth between Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3? How about in and out of EC2? These are common questions that we get regularly. While we more or less know the answers to them out of our own experience in the past 15 months, we haven't really conducted a clean experiment to put some more precise numbers behind...Read more

64-bit CentOS5 Amazon EC2 Image Release

A 64-bit version of our CentOS5 image is now available for general consumption. The image is called `RightImage CentOS5 x86_64 V1_12` with AMI ID ami-31c72258 and location `rightscale_images/CentOS5_X86_64_V1_12`. See the changelog for info on past images. This is our first public image for the large instance types and we hope we covered all bases, but we're eager to hear whether everything works...Read more

New Right_aws Ruby Gem Released

We just released a new version of our Right_aws Ruby gem on RubyForge. This gem provides Ruby interfaces for Amazon EC2, S3, and SQS using Amazon's REST and query interfaces to provide full programmatic control of the three services. An optional robust HTTP layer retries and clears transient errors. New in this release is support for the large EC2 instances and improvements in the automatic error...Read more

RightScale Supports Amazon's New Machine Types

Amazon just introduced new types of servers - larger ones. Until now it was a "one size fits all" model where you got half an Opteron CPU, 1.75GB of memory, and 160GB disk. Now you can get a server with two full Opteron cores, 7.5GB memory, and two 420GB spindles; or a server with four cores, 15GB memory, and 4x 420GB spindles. The new instances cost 4x and 8x the original ones ($0.40/hr and $0...Read more

More Rails on Amazon EC2 with RightScale

We've had a number of users getting going with our Rails-all-in-one ServerTemplate , and from the questions we've received it's clearly time to cover some more advanced topics. Database Backups The template does include automatic database backups but you need to provide the necessary information to enable them. Edit the template before launching the server and fill in the `DB_MYSQLDUMP_BUCKET`, `...Read more

Deploying Many Rails Sites onto Amazon EC2

One of our customers is deploying many Rails sites onto EC2 - more precisely, many instances of virtually the same site. Basically it has a Rails application and tweaks it for each individual site it sets up. EC2 is a wonderful deployment platform for this type of business because there is little friction in adding customers, since it takes just one button press to get more servers. The overall...Read more

Service as Software

I had a chat this morning with Doc Searls , who mentioned "Service as a Software," obviously as a reversal of the common "Software as a Service." A little Googling reveals that Netsuite has used the Service as Software term for a while now, but I had not heard it before. Obviously RightScale is a Software as a Service business; we sell the RightScale software in the form of a monthly subscription...Read more

Launch your Rails App in Minutes on Amazon EC2 using RightScale

I previously showed off our Rails-with-Mephisto ServerTemplate so now it's time for the Rails-all-in-One ServerTemplate. It makes it easy to get your own Rails application running on Amazon EC2. We've made this template public, so any RightScale user can use it for free! Let me show how you can configure and deploy your own Rails app in just minutes by using our publicly available Rails All-In-...Read more

Setting Up Sites on EC2 with RightScale

The key to a successful site setup on Amazon EC2 are scalability and redundancy. RightScale makes this easy by providing ServerTemplates and multi-server deployments. To get started, let's take the simplest case: a single-server setup. We have a free Rails all-in-one ServerTemplate that is excellent not just to play around with, but also to use as development server, staging server, or even as...Read more


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