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New Kernels Coming to Amazon EC2

Up to now you could run any Linux distribution on Amazon EC2, but you could only run Amazon's 2.6.16 kernel. Well strictly speaking there are two kernels: a kernel for the 32-bit instances and a kernel for the 64-bit instances. But recently Red Hat announced support for RHEL5 on EC2, and today they made it available publicly. The kernel you get if you launch its paid AMI (...Read more

Recompiling Kernel Modules for EC2 Instances

Some time ago, I discovered that the version of the kernel that Amazon uses for its current infrastructure (linux 2.6.16) contains a bug in the lvm modules. This was a bummer to see since we are using LVM snapshotting facilities to realize sub-second database backups. The bug was only triggered under specific load conditions, but when we’re talking database backups nobody likes getting kernel...Read more
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