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Amazon EC2 Changes the Way MySQL is Used

Amazon EC2 will change the way MySQL is used: it suddenly opens a whole slew of new possibilities. What's really exciting is that it can also simplify the management of MySQL , which enables powerful automation. It takes less than 10 minutes to fire up a fresh MySQL instance, and there's a virtually limitless supply. There is virtually no cost to keeping old database instances around while...Read more

Surviving a MySQL Master Database Crash

Nothing is more heart-arresting than to find out that your database machine has died. Site down. Data gone. Life s... That's what happened to one of our customers yesterday morning, right when they were featured on some prominent sites. The Amazon EC2 instance hosting their master DB died. Fortunately they had tested the master-slave setup using our Manager for MySQL , so everything was set up to...Read more

Redundant MySQL Setup for Amazon EC2

In order to deploy websites and services onto Amazon EC2 everyone needs the same components, so we're building them. One of the most requested and most critical pieces is a good database setup, and MySQL is clearly the highest in demand. Not that a good PostgreSQL or Oracle setup wouldn't be of interest or wouldn't be equally possible, just that more people are asking us (and paying us) for MySQL...Read more


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