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RightScale Open Source Tools for Cloud Application Developers

Posted by Dean Onishi   Ι   January 30, 2014 0 comments
Why do developers write open source software? To demonstrate their programming chops, to share useful code with their peers, and to gain experience — to name but a few reasons. RightScale has long supported open source development and we’ve released several open source tools ourselves.Read more

More RightScale Open Source Goodness

We've always been strong supporters of open source. We use it a lot and we've been contributing many things to the community as well. In particular, since early 2007 we've been publishing the recipes to our RightImages, and we've also published the AWS Ruby gems that we use to interface to the various AWS services. We've recently taken the next step, which is to develop in public and not just...Read more

Cloud Computing Wouldn't Exist Without Open Source

I'm at OSCON this week drinking from the open source fountain that made RightScale possible. In talking to Tim O'Reilly I noticed that he hadn't realized how integral open source is to the cloud, so maybe this fact isn't as obvious as I thought. Cloud computing is all about the flexibility to launch and terminate servers on demand, or more generally, to acquire and release resources on demand...Read more
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