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How to Model Enterprise Cloud Computing Costs

Predicting pay-as-you-go cloud computing costs based on changing use patterns can be difficult. Let's step through the process of creating and applying patterns in PlanForCloud to see how you can assess the cost of your IaaS growth.Read more

RightScale PlanForCloud Analyzes $1 Billion in Cloud Cost Forecasts

It’s a paradox: Forecasting enterprise cloud costs is a hard task to do well, yet understanding all the costs up front is one of the main requirements of a successful cloud initiative. Last year, we launched PlanForCloud to help enterprises adopt cloud computing and ensure success in their early cloud projects. Today, we are excited to announce that PlanForCloud has helped forecast more than $1...Read more

Analyzing Cloud Price Changes: How They Affect Your Bottom Line

Posted by Kim Weins   Ι   March 27, 2013 2 comments
Cloud pricing is growing more complex each month. As cloud IaaS vendors change prices and introduce new services, cloud users are finding it increasingly difficult to project their cloud costs. PlanForCloud , a free cloud cost forecasting tool from RightScale, includes more than 12,000 different prices across 6 cloud providers. Over the last 14 months, we counted 29 price reductions in cloud...Read more
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