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RightScale Release: 25 ServerTemplates across 66 RightImages

Is it Christmas? It seems the RightScale elves have been busy. Luckily for you, many of our elves have Ph.D.s or master's degrees in computer science - or just many years behind a Unix prompt. Lucky for us, they don't look like elves. Let's see what's under the tree... New Database Managers Our Database Manager for MySQL is one of our most popular ServerTemplates , serving as the rock-solid...Read more

OpenStack: Game-Changing Open Source Cloud Platform

Today Rackspace announced that it is open-sourcing its cloud platform, the code that powers CloudServers and CloudFiles, at openstack.org. We've been working with Rackspace for quite a while and have also participated in this new initiative at a workshop held by Rackspace last week. The bottom line is that we believe this to be a potentially game changing event.Read more

Rackspace Releases Draft Cloud Servers API

The "cloud without an API" is about to become a real cloud with an API! (Sorry Rackspace guys, I just couldn't resist!) Rackspace posted a blog entry asking for feedback a little over a week ago and it's looking pretty good! One item they solved nicely is passing personalization data into a new server. In the API you get to tell it to put some arbitrary data into any file you want on the root...Read more

Rackspace Unveils Cloud Strategy

In an exciting web broadcast Rackspace yesterday announced its cloud strategy. Its commitment to the cloud started to become visible with Mosso and then the CloudFS beta, which is a storage system that looks very much like Amazon S3. It has now renamed CloudFS to CloudFiles and unveiled CloudServers, which will offer a service competing with Amazon EC2, which we will support as soon as it becomes...Read more


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