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Enabling Cloud-Powered IT Without Headaches

If you’ve read my previous articles on using RightScale to manage Windows Azure cloud infrastructure, you've made sense of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and you've automated your development and test environment deployments using Windows Azure virtual machines and RightScale, but that's not the last step in the process of successfully rolling out ongoing updates. In this third and...Read more

Best Practices: Managing Web Application Sessions

Everyone has an opinion about how you should write your application. Whether it's the structure, language, or database (or not!) that you choose, there are plenty of people telling you what you should do, but not how to do it. So I'm going to focus on the application tier and address several issues regarding application session management — one of the trickiest aspects to tackle in high-...Read more

RightScale Credentials Best Practices

Credentials within RightScale offer a convenient way to store sensitive or frequently used values in an easily manageable interface. It's important to remember that RightScale credentials consist of a Name, Value and Description and are intended to be used as inputs for servers. Credentials are accessible via the RightScale dashboard as name/value pairs where the value is passed into a script or...Read more

Configuring Servers with RightScripts

With EC2 the way one configures a server is by creating a machine image (AMI). But there has to be a better way! The first time I created an AMI almost a year ago it was a lot of fun. Hitting "launch" and seeing a new instance pop up was really cool. But a few weeks later reality started to set in, as I was coming up with little tweaks almost on a daily basis - anything from changing an SSHD...Read more
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