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Preview: Bring Your Own Configuration Management from RightScale

Posted by Ryan O'Leary   Ι   July 30, 2013 0 comments
Configuration management software can help automate the creation of cloud servers and manage their configuration details, saving organizations time when launching new clouds and administering existing ones. As cloud configuration management solutions have matured and their adoption has increased, we have been evolving the RightScale platform to make it easier for our customers to use third-party...Read more

Service as Software

I had a chat this morning with Doc Searls , who mentioned "Service as a Software," obviously as a reversal of the common "Software as a Service." A little Googling reveals that Netsuite has used the Service as Software term for a while now, but I had not heard it before. Obviously RightScale is a Software as a Service business; we sell the RightScale software in the form of a monthly subscription...Read more
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