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Phil Cox
Director of Security and Compliance at RightScale
Phil Cox is the director of security and compliance for RightScale where he focuses on security as both a consumer of a variety of cloud services as well as a provider of a cloud management solution. Prior to that he was a director at SystemExperts, a security and compliance consulting firm. He is a well-known authority in the areas of systems integration and security, and is an active contributor to multiple Cloud Security Alliance initiatives, as well as to Payment Card Industry (PCI) cloud and risk groups. He frequently writes and lectures on information security and compliance issues faced by organizations. He has written several books in the area of Windows and network security, and was technical editor of two "Hacking Exposed" editions and "Building Internet Firewalls."

Articles by Phil Cox

Security Patching in the RightScale Universe

Posted by Phil Cox   Ι   September 28, 2011 3 comments
Security vulnerabilities happen, it is just a fact, not only in technology but in life in general. When we are made aware of those vulnerabilities, we need to "fix" things or mitigate them to the best extent possible. In IT, that is typically synonymous with installing security patches or workarounds. I know that many of our customers have questions about how to best do patch management using the...Read more

Performing Security Testing in the Cloud

Posted by Phil Cox   Ι   August 04, 2011 1 comment
Security testing is one aspect of a security program that is often overlooked. Organizations who take security seriously understand that testing systems and applications is just smart business. We felt that one way we could help our customers is to describe the process, and nuances, that we go through during our testing. Since RightScale runs in the cloud, the information should help any...Read more