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Ryan O'Leary

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Ryan O'Leary
Product Manager
Ryan O'Leary is a product manager at RightScale, where he focuses on configuration management and automation in the platform. He works closely with customers and prospects to enhance the RightScale platform and its cloud resource management capabilities. Prior to RightScale, Ryan worked in the defense industry as a software engineering manager, helping develop complex software systems for the Army.

Articles by Ryan O'Leary

RightScale and Chef Integration: Cooking Up Better ServerTemplates

Posted by Ryan O'Leary   Ι   August 15, 2013 2 comments
As part of the RightScale "bring your own configuration management" (BYOCM) strategy, we will roll out a major upgrade to our Chef implementation in RightScale next week. This upgrade will affect all RightScale users, but will be particularly relevant for those who use Chef recipes in their ServerTemplates™, the reusable components that RightScale employs to define the characteristics of a cloud...Read more

Preview: Bring Your Own Configuration Management from RightScale

Posted by Ryan O'Leary   Ι   July 30, 2013 0 comments
Configuration management software can help automate the creation of cloud servers and manage their configuration details, saving organizations time when launching new clouds and administering existing ones. As cloud configuration management solutions have matured and their adoption has increased, we have been evolving the RightScale platform to make it easier for our customers to use third-party...Read more