Cloud Portfolio Management

A Portfolio Approach to IT

Next generation IT requires a portfolio approach toward cloud services as IT teams strive to serve the diverse needs of the enterprise. While business units and application teams have led the way in cloud adoption, CIOs are now seeking to support these existing projects as part of their strategic direction. Meanwhile, the choice of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures continues to proliferate, and virtualized environments are beginning to exhibit cloud-like functionality.

What Is Cloud Portfolio Management?

Cloud Portfolio Management makes it possible for enterprises to manage applications across their portfolio of clouds and seamlessly move applications between clouds as circumstances change. With Cloud Portfolio Management your enterprise can provide self-service IT, maintain control over cloud usage, and manage cloud costs.

Cloud Portfolio Management will help you transform your IT organization to:

Cloud Portfolio Management

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Accelerate Application Delivery

It takes less than one hour to spin up all the servers we need to serve an entire school district.
Andy West VP Analytics & Adaptive Learning Technology, Pearson Logo

Free Your App Teams to Innovate

Fast-changing business demands mean that your application teams need quick access to infrastructure. Cloud portfolio management provides self-service access to application teams — reducing provisioning time from weeks to minutes and enabling innovation across the enterprise. Learn more about delivering self-service IT.

Power the Shift to DevOps Collaboration

Agile application development requires deep collaboration between dev and ops, from development to deployment. Cloud portfolio management supports DevOps collaboration with a common platform that centralizes visibility across the application lifecycle — enforcing policies, and reducing errors. Learn more about governance and compliance.

Advance Business and IT Agility

Getting an application to market is more than just development. It has to scale to meet shifting demand. It needs to meet SLAs. Cloud portfolio management automates application deployment and operations so that you can easily handle uncertainty. Learn more about lifecycle automation.

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Improve IT Efficiency

RightScale brings simplicity back to the data center. Everything is consistent and version controlled, which allows us to get our products out quicker.
Tim Jones CIO, Trader Media Group Logo

Simplify Complexity with a Common Cloud Framework

A heterogeneous IT environment is a given. But it doesn't have to be a pain. A common cloud framework can simplify your life and extend the longevity of your technology platform. Cloud portfolio management is a common framework that empowers your team to manage across silos. Learn more about the advantages of a hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

Streamline Development and Operations Bottlenecks

On-demand resources require an automated approach to the application lifecycle. Cloud portfolio management provides the orchestration tool set to automate redundant tasks, operate across fleets of resources, and reduce dev and ops friction. Learn more about how lifecycle automation can make your cloud operations more efficient.

Extract Higher Performance from Your Infrastructure

It's often difficult to tell which cloud resources are unused, suboptimal, or completely forgotten. Cloud portfolio management helps you visualize trends, benchmark performance, and turn insights into cost savings. Learn more about cloud cost management.

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Expand Markets & Capabilities

Multi-cloud is important to us because we're a global company. The ability to choose different infrastructure vendors is key.
Mike Ormerod Senior Architect, Progress Software Logo

Economically Support a Global Footprint

You're launching a marketing campaign in Europe, a disaster recovery project in the Eastern US, and a new branch office in China. Some of these workloads are in legacy data centers, others with new cloud vendors. Cloud portfolio management brings together your diverse infrastructure resources and vendors. Learn more about the benefits of a global public and private cloud footprint.

Increase Your Capacity to Innovate

Cloud computing has made product experimentation cheaper through on-demand infrastructure and pay-as-you-go pricing. But this ease of use also increases runaway spending. Cloud portfolio management helps you keep costs in line, visualizing spend and optimizing usage so that your teams can afford to experiment. Stay lean with cloud cost management.

Scale Out When Demand Soars

Entering new markets and introducing new services makes it hard to plan resource requirements. Cloud portfolio management helps unlock capacity across resource pools, including auto-scaling your applications when it becomes a hit with customers and when demand for it wanes. Learn more about cloud scalability and availability.

Increase Investment Flexibility

We are looking to augment our current IT capabilities with on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that cloud computing brings to the table.
Jeff GelbDirector of Technology Strategy, Pearson Logo

Balance Cost and Performance Across Clouds

Public and private clouds offer great diversity and a highly competitive market for IT services. Avoid lock-in and stretch your IT budget with a cloud portfolio strategy that maximizes performance, minimizes price, and maintains access to innovative cloud services. Find out how to leverage a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid clouds to flex your purchasing power.

Make Informed Choices on Capex and Opex Pricing

Public clouds have established a rate card for cloud services against which application teams are measuring their IT organizations. Cloud portfolio management empowers you to optimize spend on both public and private clouds to meet your IT financial objectives. Learn more about cloud cost management.

Don't Set It and Forget It

IT services are easier than ever to provision and use. And easier than ever to overprovision and forget about. Cloud portfolio management helps you reduce overconsumption by quickly identifying and terminating wasted resources and by preventing overuse in the future. Maximize the return on your IT investments with visibility and governance.

Reduce Risk

RightScale is the one tool my engineers use to launch servers, restart them if they crash, and solve performance issues. Now they are on call instead of me, and I can sleep a lot better at night.
Eric Osterman Director of Operations, CBS InteractiveLogo

Create Visibility Into Your IT Environment

Multiple data centers, cloud vendors, and application stacks can lead to opaque silos across your IT organization. Manage risks across your cloud portfolio with a top-level view of resource consumption, drill down into security vulnerabilities, and audit changes across your infrastructure. Learn more about cloud governance and compliance.

Deliver Enterprise-Level SLAs with Confidence

It falls to IT operations to ensure business continuity when issues occur, whether on a bespoke private cloud or on commodity public cloud hardware. Cloud portfolio management mitigates risks associated with hardware, network, and data center failures through self-healing, auto-scaling, and auto-backups. Learn more about cloud high availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

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